Tips: When Family Pets Canít Move with Your Loved One



From David G in Oregon

The best of all possibilities is finding people in the community to take the pets; people who would visit with the pets. This would keep a connection between their new life and old; and seeing their pets would be a boost for them. As we age, we gain certain things and we lose certain things.

After you find caring homes for the pets, the next step will be finding something for your parents to transfer their pet caring emotions to. Did their home have plants? Will their new home allow plants? The most important part for us when our parents get older is sparking an enthusiasm for life, whether it be pets, plants or new friends. Keeping them pumped up from one day to the next is a gift they need. Pets and plants, things that need their care to survive, fulfill a human need. Nurturing life is a gift your parents have. Your gift to them may be helping them find new things to nurture.

From Mrs. K in Arlington, Texas
In regard to the animals that need a new home as their owners go into a long-term facility: if the animals are purebred, check the breedís "club." They usually have people willing to help find a new home for pets of the same breed; i.e., the poodle club would help with the poodle, etc. They even will find temporary homes until a more permanent one may be found.

From Carol S. in Maryland

The answer, in my opinion, is to find a rescue group for whatever breed the dog is; cat or bird as well. The Internet would be your best source to find a group, which will place the animal in a loving caring home. The rescue group will transport the animal to a new home and pick them up right at the house.

From Edna in North Carolina

If no one close by is willing to take care of the pets, then call the closest vet and ask them if they know of someone good with pets that would be willing to watch out for them or keep them as their own.

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