Huntington's Disease: Tips for Coping
By Heather Pratt

Some of the suggestions I have for living with HD are:

  • Keep life simple - Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, A daily laugh Carry earplugs with you when you are out (Some people with HD are sensitive to noise)

  • Carry calendars with you to write down everything you must do for the day and any information you get from other people

  • Develop a message centre in your home, so other family members have an idea where to look for stuff

  • Use an answering machine so you can rewind the tape and recheck those messages (One of the symptoms of HD is transposing numbers)

  • Use sticky 3M note pads to keep your place in cookbooks - also works in crochet or knitting patterns

  • Use one color of paper for phone messages Have a check-list on the front door so you can make sure you have keys, etc.

  • Rewrite recipes so they have a numbering system (1. Cut vegetables, 2. Spray pan, etc.)

  • Try to do the same task on the same day of each week (Wash on Tuesday, etc.)

  • Get a watch with an alarm clock and set the alarm to remind you to catch bus, leave for doctor's appointment, etc.

  • Listen to relaxing music

Reprinted by permission of Heather Pratt who has Huntington's Disease,

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