Finding A Physician For Someone With Alzheimer's

Finding a physician under normal circumstances is hard enough, but trying to find a knowledgeable physician to take on a patient with Alzheimer's can be even more trying. To help you know what you're getting, here's a list of questions to ask the office you are considering. You will want to ask a number of these questions before you make an appointment.

  • What are the office hours? 

  • Does the doctor have any other offices? 

  • What is the average wait in the office for an appointment? 

  • Will I be called if the doctor is delayed? 

  • What are the standard fees? 

  • How do you handle insurance/Medicare/Medicaid/Medical? 

  • Is the doctor gone often? 

  • Who covers for the doctor when he is gone? 

  • Does the doctor have a nurse on duty for calls? 

  • What hospitals/associations is the doctor affiliated with? 

  • Does the doctor have other patients that are memory impaired? 

  • What proportion of the doctor's patients are over 65? 

  • What doesn't the doctor treat? 

  • Does the doctor talk to the pharmacist or does the nurse? 

  • Does the doctor routinely share patients health information with immediate family?

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