Taking Advantage of  Your Community Support System

Investigate community health care options.  What healthcare agencies offer affordable home care, what housing options are available, retirement communities, assisted living centers?

Investigate and take advantage of help available from community organizations.  There are many private and public agencies that have assistance programs such as Meals on Wheels, home care agencies, day care centers and disease related organization support groups

Seek out and utilize local, state, or federal programs that might provide financial assistance.

Take advantage of your local senior center.  Senior centers promote the overall well-being of older people and act as a focal point for participation in group activities and independent living.

Take advantage of personal care services if the daily care needs of your loved one become too much for you to handle. Personal care services are available from agencies in the community. Trained aids supervised by RN can be hired to perform daily care for your loved one like bathing, toilet and feeding.

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