Bipolar Tips for Families


  • Become as educated as possible on the different terms, symptoms, and causes of bipolar disorder

  • Talk to doctors and look for any possible warning signs of worsening condition.

  • Involve the entire family in assisting your loved one to cope with their disorder.

  • Maintain reasonable expectations concerning the recovery of your loved one.

  • In difficult situations, hospitalization may be the only answer.

  • Discourage the use of alcohol.

  • Be aware of your legal rights, as you may need to step in and assume control of your loved one�s finances should they spend money excessively potentially creating large amounts of debt.

  • Support groups can provide welcomed relief to both the caregiver and care recipient.

  • Spend quality time with your loved one, yet allow them some independence to regain their confidence in handling a daily routine.Be prepared for any relapses that your loved one may encounter, recognize the reoccurring signs, and discuss further treatment options with their doctors.


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