For About and By Caregivers

Top Ten Things In-home Care Professionals Need
from Family Caregivers

By Gary Barg


  1. Temperance in all your words, actions, deeds, demeanor and tone of voice.

  2. Appreciation of our opinions regarding the health condition of your loved one.

  3. Commitment to all of the fees, benefits and time off that have been negotiated.

  4. Assistance if and when your loved one mistreats, yells or talks inappropriately to us.

  5. Respect for the work we do as professionals supporting your loved one living at home.

  6. Consideration for our schedule; no one can work around the clock at peak performance.

  7. Strict adherence to the fact that we will not be touched, in any manner and for any reason.

  8. Knowledge that when we are in the home, we are there to directly serve your loved one only.

  9. Steadfastness, when and if false allegations are made by your loved one about us or our work.

  10. Understanding that we are, above all, committed to the health and well-being of your loved one.

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