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The Rosalynn Carter Interview (Page 4 of 4)

An Interview with Rosalynn Carter


Gary Barg: Itís a great book.

Rosalynn Carter: We get more comments about that than anything else I do, because I think all caregivers feel guilty. Iíve been there and I know how guilty I felt about my mother. And just to know that itís okay and that everybody feels that way. Thereís no need to be Ė people need some life of their own. They need to take care of themselves. I think thatís one of the most important things to get across to caregivers.

Gary Barg: Whatís the one most important piece of advice that youíd like to offer family caregivers?

Rosalynn Carter: I think itís to take care of yourself, and not feel guilty about it. Also, caregivers need to educate themselves about the illness they are dealing with. But you know, family caregivers donít really have a lot of time for research. And thatís one thing weíre working on at the Rosalynn Carter Institute. Our state is doing what we call a Georgia Scorecard on long-term care. And weíre working with AARP to develop five or six questions to go to caregivers asking them what they need, so then we can provide the Webinars and publications that will help them the most. If we get these questions and the answers and know what is most needed, then we can provide it through the state to our CARE-NET organizations so it can be distributed across the state. I think it must be at a national level, too.


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