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The Robert Loggia/Marc Meyers Interview  (Page 1 of 4)

An Interview with Robert Loggia and Marc Meyers

Robert Loggia Interview

Gary Barg:  We always say that caregiving is a family issue and it leaves no member of the family untouched.  And in your new film, Harvest, we join the family during the last summer of your character, Siv’s, life.  I was really taken by the realistic portrait the story paints of this caregiving family. Can you tell us something about the film and what motivated you take on the role?

Robert Loggia: It was very moving to me as the bike rider.  Siv’s bicycle trip is quite significant because it’s the last hurrah, and the relationship with Barbara Barrie’s character.  She was wonderful in it and I thought the entire cast fell into the mood of the piece—how it reflects on life for all of us.

Gary Barg: I thought the bike riding sequence was specifically touching because it seemed like, as you say, Siv’s last hurrah; he looked at his sister and touched her. You knew Siv was in his last moments and he wanted to have an extraordinary, pleasant experience before it was time to leave.

Robert Loggia:  Yeah, I’ve been through Alzheimer’s quite often.  My wife’s mother went the Alzheimer’s route where they forget you. They don’t know who you are. 

Gary Barg: Did that color your relationship with Barbara Barrie’s character, what you went through as a family caregiver – was it similar?


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