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The Rob Lowe Interview (Page 3 of 3)

An Interview with Rob Lowe

Gary: I saw this lovely quote of yours on the Web which says, “My grandmother, Peg Helper, had breast cancer and I watched her fight it for almost 20 years. Through it all, my grandfather was so supportive, which inspired me; every man should approach this disease with the same dignity.” I thought that was a great way to talk about the challenges of male caregivers. Any advice or any points you want to make?

Rob: When talking specifically about male caregivers, it makes me think of my grandmother, and the husbands who are caring for their wives, mothers or their daughters; and I can just remember the amazing way my grandfather would just love my grandmother as a “woman,” and not just as a patient. That can be really, really hard. That’s really critical, because I remember when my grandmother came home with a wig, my grandfather kept telling her how beautiful she looked in her new wig… that kind of stuff, that man and woman stuff, you’ve got to try to keep alive.

Gary: What has stood out the most for you from your experience?

Rob: People always ask me what this has been like for me—meeting the mothers who are fighting disease while raising their kids, the fathers who still coach little league, or go into the office, the children who fight and never lose their optimism or hope—they are the real American heroes.

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