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The Jane Seymour Interview (Page 3 of 4)

An Interview with Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour:  I think youíve got to take care of your bones, and youíve got to take care of your joints.  And I think you have to eat healthily and find time to exercise.  So you need to get your own blood pressure checked and your own heart beating.  You need to certainly stretch and strengthen.  I think light weights.  I think isometrics. You donít need to go to a gym to do it.  Most of the workout that I do doesnít need a gym.  You can do it anywhere.  You can do it on the carpet in your bedroom.  It helps if you have a ball.  It helps if you have some elastic bands for the strengthening or some light weights.  But I think itís really a question of building yourself up to have strength in your core, strength in your back muscle and strength in your arms.  I think itís standing and having good deportment, not slouching over.  And I think itís being able to have flexibility. You can only do that if you are taking a supplement that will allow you to want to work out. So when you do work out, itís not too painful.  And because Iím an ex-dancer from when I was a kid, I think itís really important to learn the technique and do it very, very carefully and well. A lot of people will jump into the gym or jump into a dance class and throw themselves in funny positionsówithout really paying attention to the alignment of the body, and then they get injuries.
Gary Barg:  I have a friend who wanted to lose a good deal of weight.  But it all seemed like such a huge thing to tackle.  I said, ďJust start walking around the block.  Just see how you do with that.Ē  And that started the weight coming off.  He started feeling better about himself and he did about two months of just walking around the block. Then he was able to step up to the next thing, and now he has a trainer and heís eating well.  I think the point is that if you donít do it right, if you jump in too quickly, you could hurt yourself to the point where youíll never feel better.
Jane Seymour:  I think people want instant satisfaction.  So they will instantly take something or do too much and then they injure themselves.  Then they say, oh I canít because of this and that and my back and whatever.  What Iím saying is take it slow, work into it and then keep up the regimen.  Take the supplement and stretch every day and just warm yourself up slowly.  Listen to your body.   My mother was 92 when she eventually passed.  But nothing stopped her from getting up and moving around.
Gary Barg:   I know you were her caregiver.  Didnít she have a stroke before she passed?


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