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The Jane Seymour Interview (Page 1 of 4)

An Interview with Jane Seymour

Gary Barg:  I just want to tell you I was a tremendous fan of Dana Reeve.  We did a cover interview with her in 1999 and I will always remember her fondly.  She was just a remarkable person and a great caregiver.  And the things that she told me in that interview I talk about in speeches to this day.  I know you received an award from the foundation.

Jane Seymour:  Dana was an amazing woman.  Chris and Dana, to this day, are my inspiration; both of them for what they did.  Chris could very easily have focused on what he needed to make his life more comfortable. Instead, he went out of his way and pushed himself to the limit to try and find a cure and work for other people with disabilities and all kinds of ailments. And Dana was a tirelessly wonderful caregiver.  Itís just inconceivable to me that we lost her.

Gary Barg:  She had given me some ideas that I put in my book.  The whole idea of caring for yourself by taking what she would call a mental bubble bath.  She thought we should try to get rested throughout the day instead of waiting to go away for three, four days at a stretch.  And how to get your friends and family members to help. Those were really novel ideas in the last century when we spoke.

Jane Seymour:  Yes. 

Gary Barg:  Youíve been a longtime advocate of homeopathy and alternative medicines.  Could you tell me why you think this is important information for family caregivers?


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