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 An Interview with Hector Elizondo (Page 3 of 3)

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An Interview with Hector Elizondo


GB:  Thatís one of the things weíve noticed at our Fearless Caregiver Conferences over the last ten years; the best advice and support and the thing that opens their eyes is their time with their fellow caregivers.

HE:  Yes, they are involved with the community.  They are not isolated.  Itís like being in AA. There are other people with it. You are not alone.  When there is support, thereís hope.  Itís as simple as that.

GB:If you had one piece of advice that you would like to leave family and caregivers with, what would that be?

HE:  At the risk of sounding esoteric, we only have two real enemies in the world and thatís ignorance and fear. Thatís it.  The rest is ho-ha.  Thereís no reason to be ignorant about the situation now. There is no reason to fear it.  Get help.  Simple.


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