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The Fran Drescher Interview (Page 2 of 2)

An Interview with Fran Drescher

GB:  That's great advice for caregivers because sometimes we get into that death spiral and we don't realize there's also joy, there's also laughter, there's also life, there's also humor.

FD:  I am very sympathetic to caregivers. I always acknowledge the person who is the caregiver; how hard it is for them.  I always encourage them to ask for help.  There have been a lot of silver linings that came out of the grief, and I think it's important that everyone finds them when you're in this situation. If you don't get something from it all, it's just a horror without any redeeming quality.  There's got to be some kind of life lesson that we can all learn from something like this when it happensólearn something about ourselves that can help us in our own lives. 

GB: What advice do you have for caregivers?

FD: I think that the caregiver needs as much caregiving to them as they are giving to someone else, because there's nothing left when you're holding someone up from drowning.  There's nothing left for you.  You need people who can help you.


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