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The Ed Asner Interview (Page 1 of 3)

An Interview with Ed Asner

Gary Barg:  I am a real fan of your work with the Humane Society of the United States and trying to promote the idea of pet trusts.

Ed Asner:  Well, I think it is cruel not to make plans for what happens to your pets when you die. When I was married, we had three kids.  We had a vast menagerie of animals: three big dogs, four or five cats, turtles, fish, birds, you name it.  We even had a lab rat that got loose.  The animals filled our lives and were a wonderful glue to bind us together. Then eventually my wife and I divorced and for 26 years, I went without an animal.  I had 26 years without a cat in my life and it is night and day for me to have them in my life now. 

GB:  Animals are so very important. I have a friend, Dr. Bill Thomas, who created the Eden Alternative and that is where there is a whole plan in place for facilities to actually incorporate pets and plants; it brings back the people from the edge because now they have something to love and something to take care of.

EA:  That is lovely.  That is really lovely.

GB:  In another light, I know you were involved in the elder abuse prevention video called “Saving Our Parents.” I just thought your first words in that really hit home.  You said, “If you do not care for your senior loved ones, people with less than loving intentions will be more than happy to lend a hand.”  And I think that nothing is truer and nothing is sadder.

EA:  Well, yes.

GB:  I wonder if you have thought about how someone can protect themselves and their loved ones from all the scams, frauds, Internet crimes and identity thefts out there.


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