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The Donna Mills Interview (Page 2 of 2)

An Interview with Donna Mills

GB: What role do you think attitude plays in caring for yourself or loved one when youíre living with arthritis?

DM: Attitude has a great deal to do with your health, period. One of the great things about the treatments that are available now is that they allow you to continue to keep moving. Thatís the key with arthritis. If you stop exercising, if you stop being active, the joints will just freeze up and become worse and worse. When I exercise, I find that I always feel better, and my attitude is so much better; so exercise plays a huge part with how your mental attitude is, If your mental attitude is good, then your whole life lightens up and looks good.

GB: Do you have any advice for caregivers dealing with arthritis on a daily basis, whether itís for themselves or their loved ones?

DM: I often get the same type of question at the seminars, and itís ďMy wife has arthritis, but I donít. How can I get her to go to the doctor?Ē I always say, ďFirst, tell her you love her, give her a big hug, and then tell her thereís hope, and that she doesnít have to be in pain. That your relationship and everything will be so much better if she can get out of pain; and thereís a way to do it now by seeing the doctor.Ē It starts with love. People get cranky toward each other when pain is involved, and thatís not good for any relationship.


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