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Clay Walker (Page 3 of 3)


Skippin rocks, skippin rope
Laughin at all my best friend’s jokes
Things I loved when I was a kid
Muddy roads, muddy feet
I didn't live on no blacktop street
Things have changed a lot but I never did

Live Until I Die

It is entirely fitting that Clay is the cover interview for our annual rural edition of Today’s Caregiver magazine since he was born in Beaumont, Texas, and has never strayed far from his love for his upbringing in rural Texas. The lyrics to his song “Live Until I Die” tie together both the best qualities of living in rural America with working hard to battle a foe such as MS.

Livin´ right, livin´ in this little old town I grew up in
But I still held on to my dreams
Standin´ proud, standin´ tall
Standin´ smack dab in the middle of it all
I don´t worry ´bout things that I can´t change

Live Until I Die

Clay has proven that he does not worry about the things he cannot change, but works fearlessly to change the things that he can.  We as caregivers could do no better than to heed his adamant message of working to involve our loved ones in their own care as much as is possible. It is good medicine for them and allows us to be better partners in care.

“I have learned that this will not beat me; I won’t give up the fight and I won’t give up singing or talking with others about doing what they need for themselves.” Sounds like music to my ears.


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