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The Bruce Jenner Interview (Page 3 of 3)

An Interview with Bruce Jenner


BJ: Kris and I have discussed that, but not too much with the kids. We put it in the will how we wanted to be treated.   To be honest with you, we just, in the last month, had to deal with that with a very close friend.  She was here for Christmas and three days later went into a coma and was basically in a vegetative state, but was technically still alive.  Our kids are very close to her children.  They all grew up together and we all dealt with this together.  Eventually, it was the consensus of her family (the two sons and this woman’s brother) to turn the machines off when there was no chance that it was going to work out for her.  So, yes, these are tough decisions that every family, or pretty much every family, has to deal with at some point. At what point is there quality of life or not?  I am more of a quality of life man.  If I am that bad off that you are even thinking about this, yes, let me go in peace.

GB: If you had one takeaway piece of advice for a family caregiver, what would your one most important piece of advice be for them? 

BJ: We have a very large blended family, a lot of dynamics. The most important thing you can do as parents is to work hard to keep a good strong family bond. If somebody gets in trouble, we can rally behind them.  If somebody gets sick, we are going to rally behind them.  They always know that their family will be there for them.  I think that is probably the most important thing; to have a strong family bond and do everything you can to keep that bond strong.


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