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The Bonnie Kantor-Burman (Page 2 of 2)

An Interview with Bonnie Kantor-Burman
Director Of The Ohio Department Of Aging

Gary Barg:   If you could only leave one piece of advice with Ohio caregivers that you meet, what would that be?

Director Kantor-Burman: In the past, individuals thought that to be a successful caregiver, you almost gave your life to the responsibility. And what we want is for individuals to know that your best is good enough. What we really want individuals to do is to figure out how caregiving can be a part of their life, and let us assist with other parts; or let other family members or other members of the community assist. So that they retain the balance.  A caregiver that is burned out is not helping anyone. We want caregivers to know all of the resources that are out there; to know that we are here to partner with them; that there are local organizations, especially the AAAs, that want to assist, but that their vision, and their definition of success, needs to be person-centered, as well, and needs to focus on their own needs.


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