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Male Incontinence Products

by Angela Medieros, Staff Writer
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Discuss medication options with the doctor in addition to products that will help decrease “bathroom anxiety.”  While limiting fluids can be done at home, it is important that your loved one receive a consistent level of nourishment and hydration.  Encourage regular eating and drinking patterns, but watch for products that contain bladder stimulators, such as caffeine.  Caffeine “opens” the kidneys, and can also be dehydrating in some instances, requiring more fluid intake.
It’s sometimes a battle to get your loved one to utilize adjuncts for intimate needs.  Maintaining an open communication is important, as is compassion for your loved one’s fear of losing control.  When choosing a product to help keep your loved one comfortable, consider all aspects.  You may need to start with a lighter product and work into something with more coverage.  When possible, a mutual decision is the goal that scores points all around.

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