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The Inconvenience of Incontinence

By Kristine Dwyer, Staff Writer

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Wear loose or pull-on clothing for easier wear and removal.
Pack a car bag with absorbent underwear/pads, hand wipes, extra clothing, and disposable bags.

Increase bathroom accessibility with a bedside commode and have a plan for bathroom visits while away from home.

Void urine every two hours and try to maintain this routine throughout the day.
Keep skin clean and dry to avoid skin breakdowns and irritations.
Maintain privacy and dignity during caregiving. Show patience and offer support when accidents do occur.

Consider hiring help at home to ease the stress of daily caregiving and to focus on your own needs for rest and renewal.

Physicians and other health care professionals are great resources for information about incontinent care. Disease-specific support groups are also excellent places to obtain useful information and receive mutual understanding. Thanks to the Internet, there are now opportunities for education and research as well as numerous resources available to caregivers at the touch of a button. Experts can answer questions and caregivers can find support in online chat rooms.

Web sites to consider are:

Caregiver Support at
National Kidney Foundation at
National Association for Continence at

Yes, incontinence is inconvenient, yet support and treatments are readily available. Today, more than ever, society openly recognizes this personal challenge and even the media addresses the issue of “human plumbing” problems. It is a fact of life and does not have to lead to feelings of shame and embarrassment. Managing bladder health issues is possible and staying at home no longer has to be the solution.

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