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Home Care Safety for the Caregiver

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Improving support and safety throughout the home:

  • Have smoke detectors installed near kitchen and bedrooms

  • Have safety rails in showers and tubs

  • Install handrails up stairs and in bathrooms

  • Use non-slip flooring in kitchens and bathrooms

  • Remove any loose rugs

  • Move furniture around to create less confusion

  • Remove any dangling telephone cords

  • Mirrors can distort the loved one’s view when walking, and should not be placed where they can easily be bumped into

Ways to correct visibility and lighting problems:

  • Use bright, vivid colors to light up rooms

  • Make sure hallways and stairways are well lit

  • Lighted switch plates make finding switches at night easier

  • Have night lights in between bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Use easily reached cords that can turn a light on and off in closets

  • Basements should be very well lit considering the steepness of stairs going up and down


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