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Working Out and Having a Ball

By J B Buckley

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One of the biggest complaints about exercising is lack of time and energy. Well, all you need to do is get through the door. By taking the stress out of exercising and putting back in the fun, you have laid the foundation of a completely new way of working out. Just go out and have fun. It doesnít matter for how long or what you do. Start by skipping back and forth from your car to the front door three times or chasing your dog around the yard for five minutes whatever you feel compelled to do. When you were a child, you didnít think about the reason why you kept jumping on and off a log or pretended to be a black belt in karate while torturing your younger brother, you simply did it and thatís having fun.

Barbara Collins, an office administrator, admits to playing her favorite old time records, opening all the windows and dancing around while she cleans her house. She says, ďItís fun.Ē And thatís the whole idea!

Log onto and post a fun workout idea youíve tried for other caregivers to try, you might even learn a fun new workout for yourself.


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