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What Now?

By Michael Plontz

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Until a cure is found, planning ahead is essential. The first thing to do is gather important papers together, organize them, and put them in a safe place. Some of the papers that should be included are: 

Bank accounts/safety deposit boxes (and account numbers)

Insurance information (health, long-term care, and life—and policy numbers)

Deeds and titles

Birth certificates

Social Security and Medicare numbers

An up-to-date will

Family attorney’s name and number

Military affiliations (including discharge papers)

At this early stage, your loved one can help plan for their long-term care also. Will they prefer an assisted living facility or a nursing home, for example. Legal issues should be discussed at this point as well. These usually take the form of advanced directives. The term, advanced directives is used to encompass all options that make your loved one’s wishes known. Telling a caregiver now gives them a voice in decisions that will affect both of you. Some of these include:

Durable Power of Attorney (POA)


Living Will 


Representative payee ship


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