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Wellspring Source: Still Waters Run Deep

by Dr. Marie DiCowden

Meditation is a process that, over time, brings about profound changes. These changes include actual increase in energy and decrease in debilitating physical and emotional problems. Meditation, practiced as little as ten minutes twice a day, has been shown to impact a person's overall well being. Here are some answers to questions you might have as a novice to meditation.

How do I get rid of thoughts that interfere with "just letting go"? You don't have to get rid of these thoughts or be in a particular mood in order to meditate. The essence of meditation is accepting what is, and finding the stillness within that reality. For example, if thoughts continue to come in, over and over, just observe yourself thinking these thoughts. Let the thoughts turn into pictures. Notice all the details of the thought from different perspectives. As you continue to let the thoughts or mood unfold, observe the phenomenon of your interior life, much as you would observe a flower unfolding. You will find that over time, even the most repetitive thoughts contain something new. 
What do I do if I am uncomfortable in sitting? Here are two approaches you might want to try: 

(1) If you are physically uncomfortable, just straighten your back, re-adjust your position, and relax. Maintain your focus on the interior life while you gently re-adjust your position. (2) Allow the discomfort to persist, and sit through it. Notice the difference between discomfort and actual pain. If we develop the ability to sit through minor discomforts, we often find they simply go away. 

What if external distractions occur? It is important that you take the time to remove yourself from the outside world. A time when no one is home or anyone who might distract you is asleep, is ideal. Take the phone off the hook. Create a mindset that allows you to ignore all sounds, except emergencies. If outside sounds and distractions occur, consider them to be the music of life that goes on around us all the time. The important part about meditating is to focus on your interior stillness and rhythm within the larger orchestra of life. 

Meditation is an opportunity to transcend the everyday practical considerations of life in order to reach the source of the wellspring of our essence. For some, tapping this wellspring comes easily, for others, it is more difficult to break away from the stresses and burdens we perceive as our reality. It will take time and practice to lay the path which leads to stillness, peace and release waiting within the meditative mind set. Dealing with all the practicalities of meditation is like choosing a bucket and taking it to the well. It may take a little effort to get there and to lower it into the wellspring. The rewards, however, are refreshing to both mind and body.

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