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Helpful Tips for the Vision Impaired

By Deborah Kogler
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6. Marking the dials on the stove

Use puff paint or tactile paint, available at fabric stores, to mark key points on the dial. Or, liquid Wite-Out can be used to mark black or dark colored stove dials.

7. Marking items in the cupboard/pantry

When unpacking groceries, label them with extra wide masking tape and black marking pen before putting the items in the cupboards.

8. Matching socks

Pin socks together before placing in the laundry. Use brass or stainless steel safety pins as they will not rust.

9. Pouring liquids into a cup

Pour coffee into a white mug; the contrasting color of the coffee and the mug will make it easier to see how filled the cup is. Or place index finger into the cup; you will feel when the liquid touches your finger.

10. Writing made easier

Use a dark, bold point marker such as a 20/20 pen, or a bold tip gel pen (1.0 mm tip) and print. Do not write in cursive as it is harder to see and maintain a straight line.

Deborah Kogler is a dual licensed optician and owner of Magnifiers & More in Mentor, OH. She knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who were afflicted with vision impairments. Several years ago, her grandmother lost her sight due to a retinal detachment and macular degeneration. The devastation and frustration of the disease gave Deborah the desire and inspiration to find out what could be done to help her grandmother and those who also were afflicted with vision impairments.


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