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The Value of Massage for Caregivers

By Kristine Dwyer, Staff Writer

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Studies have shown that when stress is not relieved, it can manifest itself into illness and disease. Setting aside time for massage on a regular basis can improve a caregiver’s overall health status, increase energy, improve attitude and decrease stress. Many caregivers that have experienced a soothing massage have reported that they actually felt the tension melt away and felt reconnected to their own sense of self. Receiving a nurturing massage can remind caregivers what it means to be cared for and it upholds the value of what they give to others. Allowing themselves to be “cared for” now and then is valuable and necessary to their own survival. Opening up to positive touch and support reflects their own joy of giving and reminds them why they are steadfast in their role as a caregiver.

Massage restores a sense of wholeness for caregivers that may not have been felt for some time. It is a perfect potion for good health and it enhances a positive “mind-body-spirit” connection. By producing a meditative state, massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance and it allows for true relaxation and peace.


American Massage Therapy Association

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

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