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Talking to My Mom

By Julianne Victoria

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Mom: But I donít have cats anymore.

Me: Iím sure we just saw one of them. My cats are here too, and they need food to eat.

Mom: Oh, are you sure? I havenít seen my cats in ages.

Me: Max was just here, and Callie sleeps on you every night.

Mom: Your dad just called. Heís on his way home for lunch.

Me: Looks like he left a note.

Mom: (Reading note) I will not be home for lunch today; chicken for dinner. Oh, better defrost some chicken.

Me: Thereís defrosted chicken in the fridge already. You should leave it there. Itís still morning.

Mom: I want a cat.

Julianne Victoria is a writer, healer, and spiritual counselor living in San Francisco. Her writing has appeared in Buddhadharma magazine, New Spirit Journal, the Washington Massage Journal, and online at To Be Aware ( and Through the Peacockís Eyes ( She is working on her books, two of which address mental illness and dementia, while helping her dad care for her mom who has Alzheimerís.


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