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Talking to My Mom

By Julianne Victoria

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Me: See? Your cats are all around.

Mom: (Reading note again) I will not be home for lunch today; chicken for dinner. Oh, I guess your dad wonít be home for lunch.

Me: Mom, please leave the raw chicken in the fridge. Itís only 10:00 in the morning.

Mom: I need to make lunch for Dad.

Me: I donít think he will be home for lunch.

Mom: Oh, I made soup. He must not be feeling well. Is he upstairs sleeping?

Me: No, heís at the office.

Mom: I just got off the phone with him. Heís on his way.

Me: Look, he left a note saying he wonít be home for lunch today. I think he said he had a meeting to go to.

Mom: (Reading note again) Oh, and chicken for dinner.

Me: Please leave the cat food out. The cats need to eat.

Mom: But I havenít seen my cats for weeks. I think they ran away.

Me: We just saw Max.

Mom: Oh. Your dadís on his way home for dinner.

Me: Mom, itís still morning. Leave the chicken in the fridge.

Mom: Have you seen my cats?

Me: Do you have anything you need to do today?

Mom: No, not really. Itís kind of boring being in a big house all day.

Me: Is there any laundry to do?

Mom: Yea. Thereís a lot to do in such a big house.

Me: Please leave the cat dishes right there.


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