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Talking to My Mom

By Julianne Victoria

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Me: I think Dad is at the office.

Mom: Yea.

Me: Please leave the cat dishes there.

Mom: I canít find my cats.

Me: We just saw them. They need their food and water, or they will go hungry.

Mom: Oh, ok. I havenít seen my cats for days. They ran away.

Me: I just saw Max in the hallway. Please donít put the cat dishes in the dining room.

Mom: My cats are gone. They died a while ago.

Me: My cats are here, and they need some food to eat. Please stop putting the dishes full of food in the dining room.

Mom: Your dad should be home for lunch soon.

Me: Oh, he left a note on the table saying he wouldnít be home for lunch today.

Mom: Thereís a sandwich on the counter for him.

Me: I donít think Dad will be home for lunch. Itís a few hours from lunch time anyways. Do you want to eat the sandwich?

Mom: No, itís for your dad.

Me: Letís wrap it up and put it away. Do you want the soup?

Mom: No. I canít find my cats.

Me: Please leave the cat dishes there. Iíve seen the cats all around.

Mom: I used to have cats. I donít know what happened to them.

Me: Itís still morning. Letís put the raw chicken for dinner back in the fridge.

Mom: Weíre having that for dinner.

Me: I know, but we shouldnít leave raw meat out all day.

Mom: Oh, hi, Max.

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