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Stop Digging

By JoAnn Kunkle

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Start with the basics like: Your name.  Were you named for someone in your family? What town were you born in?  What hospital?  Was there a midwife?  Your parents, what were their names?  Where were they born?  How did your parents meet?  How many brothers do you have? Sisters?  Who were you closest to and why?  What things scared you when you were a child?  What was your favorite meal?  Who was your favorite movie star? If you were going on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? What subject in school did you love, or hate?  How old were you when you learned to drive?  How did you feel the day you graduated from high school, married?

Family can make this a wonderful project to remind Dad or Grandma about things they had forgotten and didnít think anyone really cared aboutótheir life.


JoAnn Kunkle was a Volunteer Coordinator for the United Methodist Homes Elizabeth Church Campus in Binghamton, New York. She holds BS in Sociology, and graduated from SUNY at Brockport.  She is a mother of two, grandmother of nine and wife to one very wonderful man. She has been a Social Worker at a Childrenísí Home, an Information Specialist in a library and a Director of Social Services.


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