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Some Things I Have Learned

By John Patterson

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I have learned I do not know it all. Every day has something else to deal with. I have learned to fight the insurance company. Their first response is always “No.” So learn that and then ask again. Sometimes there are ways around the “No” of an insurance company.
I have learned that there are treasures in caregiving. It’s not always Hell; actually, there are some blessed moments that can be reaped. Look for these moments, then go toward that area of life so both caregiver and care recipient are blessed. I have learned to give it to God. There are some things that are just not clear. So let go and let God do within His will and care.
I have learned I can help others—especially those who are where I was several years ago. I can be there for them and they can be there for me. I have learned to suck it up. I am not a special caregiver. There are others in the same boat as I am. Some are even worse off. I have learned to care... to simply be there, day in and day out, so my loved one is blessed.
I have learned that others are watching—from my job, from my church, from my neighbors. All are watching to see how I am handling this ordeal. I have learned and I am still learning in my caregiving experience.


John Patterson is a caregiver who posted his thoughts on our Caretips forum.

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