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Some Things I Have Learned

By John Patterson

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I have learned to learn about the illness. In my case, I have learned about 11 illnesses, only to find that any one of them may crop up and have symptoms at any time and last for a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or even months. I have learned to take care of myself. The better I take care of myself, the better care I can give.
I have learned to set up a business so I can keep on working. I have learned to be on call 24/7. I have learned that doctors are on call also, so call them. I have learned that there is never enough money, so ask, ask, ask for help. One can find ways to get help. I have learned to call an RN on my insurance card. “Hello, RN. Tell me which way I need to go with this problem.” I can call 24 hours a day.
I have learned to do things I never thought I ever would do in my life. I have learned to take complete care of my loved one for she is totally dependent on someone else to help her do her daily tasks of living. I have learned to fight for her. Doctors can care or they can hear from me very loudly. I have learned not to wait. See an infection? Do something about it before the infection blows up into something bigger to deal with.

I have learned to slow down when I have to. Lord knows, I care; but there are times I lose all energy and have to go to bed early to get 12 or more hours of sleep. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. Get done what you can and to Hell with the rest. Sometimes, the small stuff is not that big of a deal and can be dealt with the next day, next week or not at all.


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