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Social Aspects of Dysphagia

By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

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Most people donít like to hear, talk or implement changes in their diet or daily routines. Many times itís associated with a loss of some sort, whether it is overall freedom or enjoyment of foods they have come to expect over the years, especially at holidays and family celebrations.

While a loved one may say that they are now back to eating ďbaby food,Ē a caregiver can help overcome these negative images by reinforcing the importance of these changes for mere survival.  Ensuring nutrition and hydration are essential to life, and based on the severity of the swallowing problem, the changes may not be permanent.

Whether through a modified diet, therapy or just an increased awareness, a loved one can prevent more serve complications down the road and also live a fulfilling social life with dysphagia.  A caregiver can help them realize that there are good foods and enriching experiences available to them, with a little time spent on research and preparation.


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