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Not Another Sleepless Night

By Jennifer Buckley

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  1. Maid-service for a night. Get out of bed and remake it with all the military guidelines in effect: hospital corners, exact and even folds and the tightness to make a quarter bounce. Then get back in bed and your mind will feel less chaotic.

  2.  Watch íem wiggle. Wiggle your toes- keep wiggling, keep wiggling, keep wiggling...zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Listen to this. Many stores today sell tapes, records and CDís with the sounds of nature like water flowing, rain falling and ocean waves rolling onto shore. Itís a form of audio therapy and it tends to relax you.

Just give at least one of these non-traditional ideas a try. The worst thing that could happen is that you might actually get more than three hours of sleep tonight. You are a caregiver and the last thing you need is to fight with your pillow another night. If nothing seems to be working for you, consider seeing a doctor. It could be more than just anxious thoughts keeping you from snoozing. Good luck and sweet dreams. 


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