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Short On Time, Big On Results
Exercise Plans For The Busy Caregiver

By Sean Kenny

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For a quick, full-body workout do the following:

Push-ups: do as many as possible without straining or letting your back sway. Rest long enough to catch your breath then do another set. If you have difficulty doing more than 5, do them on your knees for the first few weeks. As your strength improves, move to the traditional form. This will work your back, chest, triceps and shoulders.

Wall-Squats: With your back against the wall and your feet about two feet out from the wall, shoulder-width apart, slowly slide down the wall as far as comfortable. The goal is to get the thighs parallel with the floor-do not go any lower. Inhale as you go down, exhale on the way up. Do 10, rest, then do 10 more. This movement is great for the entire lower body.

Crunches: These modified sit-ups are ideal for strengthening the abdominals and lower back. Lie on your back in the sit-up position with feet flat on the floor, a bend in the legs. Exhale as you simply curl-up and lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor. Squeeze the abs and hold this position for one second. Lower yourself and repeat 15 times, rest and do one more set of 15. You can place your arms either at your side or across the chest to make it slightly harder. Repeat the above workout every other day.

45-60 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week

Now weíre getting somewhere. With this schedule, youíll get great results, and as fast as genetically possible!

Aim for 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Remember to work at a brisk pace to elevate that heart rate. For resistance training, start with the exercises above and letís add some more since time allows for more the targeting of more specific muscle groups.

Back Row: On a bench or chair, place the right knee and right hand on the bench/chair/bed and lean forward so your back is parallel to the floor. With one dumbbell in the left hand, pull the weight up into your chest. Keep the left elbow close to the body and pull it back high, above your side. Concentrate on squeezing the shoulder blades together. Inhale as you lower the weight down towards the floor getting a good stretch. Repeat on each side. This exercise strengthens the back and improves posture.

Lateral Raise: Stand with arms at sides, palms facing body and holding weights. Simply raise arms out to sides until parallel with floor. Exhale as you go up, inhale back down. The movement is a great shoulder shaper!

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