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Shaving Like Crazy
By Darcy Lee Malone

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He looks at me.  He doesn’t speak.  He doesn’t look mad or sad.  I can’t tell if he knows what happened or if he just knows that he will never really be in this room with us again.  Not the whole him.

Jeanie has sobered up as well and I know what she is going to say before she says it. “John, Hon, look at me.  Who am I, Hon?” I hate it when she asks him that.  She has been asking it for the past couple of weeks, ever since we noticed his behavior changing.  She is desperate that he doesn’t forget her.

“Jesus Christ, woman.  You’re Jeanie Malone. My wife.” My dad, my real dad, answers, rolling his eyes and looking at my sister and me for confirmation that Jeanie is a lunatic.  We give it to him.

Everything in this room is the same as it has been for years, except for the extra sofa.  And the cancer.

Darcy Lee Malone was a caregiver for her father during the last year of his life. She is married, the mother of four children and a graduate student working towards her MA in English.  Darcy wrote to us of her caregiving experience, “I want to share those moments with others.  I want to let my readers know that it is normal to have moments of laughter as well as tears, even when faced with the most devastating of situations.”

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