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Respite For Two

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How Do I Choose an Adult Day Care Center? 

  • Conduct an individual needs assessment before admission to determine your loved oneís abilities and needs

  • Is there an active program that meets his or her daily social, recreational, and rehabilitative needs?

  • Does the center develop an individualized treatment plan for participants and monitor it regularly, adjusting the plan as necessary?

  • Are there referrals to other needed community services?

  • Are clear criteria for service and guidelines for termination established based on the personís functional status?

  • Is a full range of in-house services offered, such as personal care, transportation, meals, health screening and monitoring, educational programs, counseling and rehabilitative services?

  • Does the center provide a safe, secure environment?

  • Are the volunteers qualified and well-trained? 

  • Does the center adhere to or exceed existing state and national standards and guidelines.


Excerpted from an ARCH National Respite Network publication:

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