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Respite: Enjoy a Guilt-Free Time-Out

By Kate Murphy, RN
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Respite care can be anything from a few hours a week, to longer periods of up to two weeks or longer in some cases in order to provide care to a loved one while the caregiver takes a break. Respite Care provides caregivers the opportunity to:
Take a vacation.

Have a weekend getaway.

Attend to home or work responsibilities that have been building up.

Recharge their energy to be better prepared to provide the attention and patience required on a daily basis.

Think about these principals to ensure your guilt-free respite:

I am entitled to take care of myself.

I am worthy of a break.

I am showing my commitment to my caregiver role when I take steps like respite care to ensure that continued quality care is delivered to my loved one.

It is OK to relax and enjoy other aspects of my life.

It is OK to take a break and recharge my energies.

It is OK to maintain as much normalcy in my life as possible

It is OK to continue to dream.

If roles were reversed, there is no question I would want my loved one to have respite.

It is right and responsible of me to also have respite.

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