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Recovery Room Kit

By Hana Kim

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Bottled water: This may seem obvious, but water is an essential. You donít want to dehydrate yourself with too much coffee or soda. Also, you donít want to pester the nurses for a glass of water. Right after surgery, the patient will not be able to take water for a few hours. However, you still need to keep yourself hydrated.

That one phone number: As a caregiver, you need to remain physically and emotionally strong. When youíre feeling overwhelmed, donít forget to ask for help. Everyone has that one phone number to call. It can be a family member, friend, or mentor. You donít have to do everything by yourself. When I thought the pressure was too much, I called my best friend to share my fears and anxieties. Just a five minute conversation can work wonders.

If you are going to be a caregiver, be prepared and bring your own essentials. In my momís case, the actual procedure lasted about five hours. She was awake by the time they rolled her into the Intensive Care Unit. I waited in the hospital lobby until they allowed me to see her. When I walked into her ICU room, I wasnít sure what to expect. She looked up, saw me, and waved. I waved back, and I knew everything was going to be okay.

Hana Kim is a freelance writer living in Garden Grove, California.

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