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One Miraculous Organ
By Frances Maguire Paist, Staff Writer

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The extra ocular muscles are six tiny muscles that surround the eye and control its movements. The four rectus muscles control the up, down, left and right movements of the eye, and the two oblique muscles control the inward and outward movements.

Tear film is produced by tiny glands that surround the eye. Comprised of three layers (oil, water and mucous), the lower mucous layer serves as an anchor for the tear film and helps it adhere to the eye. The middle layer is comprised of water. The upper oil layer seals the tear film and prevents evaporation. Tear film keeps the eye moist, provides a smooth surface for light to pass through the eye, nourishes the front of the eye and provides protection from injury and infection. 

Thatís it. Eyenatomy 101, a working knowledge of one of lifeís greatest miracles. From the very beginning, when an object is in the line of sight, through the incredible process where light rays are reflected from the object to the cornea, the light rays are bent, refracted and focused by the cornea, lens, and vitreous, the rays come to a sharp focus on the retina, light rays are converted to electrical impulses and transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain where the image is perceived, itís an astonishing journey of possibility. Truly an amazing grace.


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