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Where Mobility Needs Meet Technology

By Sandra Fusion, Staff Writer

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Work or Play: Where Technology Can Help the Most?

Often times technology is thought of when trying to help an individual move back into the work place or to make the workplace more accessible. There are also social reasons to look at technology as a way to increase someone’s mobility. Social skills and interaction is where many people are able to have a creative outlet and increase their personal network. It may be that mobility is a primary concern when getting someone to and from work – or even at the workplace. It may also be a serious factor in determining how someone is going to receive medical care.

Families should include social outings, sporting events, and other opportunities for entertainment when fashioning technology to meet the mobility issues of the individual. A product that provides both work and health benefits, yet is not responsive to the social needs of an individual, may not provide the full solution.

Home Modifications and Technology:

Technology may be able to play a beneficial role when modifying or renovating the patient’s home due to accessibility or mobility issues. For example, some door companies can provide products that are activated by push panels or remote control to reduce or eliminate the amount of pressure needed to open a door. Remote control venetian blinds can add natural lighting to a room with little effort. Ramps constructed to either the outside or inside of the home can make it easier to move from one room of the house or another and even to make entering and leaving less demanding.

These areas are only a beginning to the ways that technology can enhance someone’s mobility. There are many other areas to be considered, and with the rate of technology advances, more products are in development each day. Even if a solution is not immediately found, continued research on the issue can yield answers or avenues of exploration as advances continue.


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