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Lessons from Caregivers with Famous Faces

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Hearing Dixie Carter talk about the anguish of caring for her beloved father or Dana Reeve talk about the techniques that she had to create on the fly to deal with insurance company challenges make us all closer as family caregivers. It shows us that caregiving is one experience that challenges us all and no amount of money or fame erases the depth of pain that every single loving caregiver feels, regardless if the statue on the mantel is an Oscar or a bowling league trophy.

As caregivers, there is much to be learned from any conversation with another family caregiver, whether in a pharmacy waiting line or hearing the stories from these caregivers who also entertain, educate and motivate us on the silver screen or our television sets. So many times, behind the greasepaint and away from the bright lights, they also have loved ones for whom they care and face many of the emotional challenges that we all face. I have enjoyed sharing these conversations and look forward to many more. I believe that the open, honest and heart-felt stories told by the celebrities in this book are, indeed, the ties that bind us all together as family caregivers.


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