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Keeping Well In Winter


Keep warm

  • Wear several thin layers of clothes rather than one thick layer
  • Choose clothes made with wool, cotton or fleecy materials
  • In the coldest weather, wear bed socks and a hat, as well as thermal nightwear

Keep your home warm

  • Fit draft proofing to help seal gaps around windows and doors
  • Lay insulation in the loft to reduce heat loss
  • Ensure your hot water cylinder and pipes are lagged, including pipes in the loft
  • Check your heating system is working properly and serviced at least once a year
  • Make sure you know how to set the heating controls

Eat well

  • Aim to have at least one hot meal a day and have hot drinks regularly through the day
  • Have a hot drink before bedtime
  • Prepare a thermos flask of a hot drink to have by your bed in case you feel cold in the night

Derek Johnson, NACC Chairman, said: “Winter is a time when everyone’s health can suffer. However, Illness, like flu and pneumonia, can lead to serious complications for older people, so it is really important to ensure their health is in good check and they are eating well. The NACC works hard to ensure all older people have access to nutritionally balanced meals, as good nutrition is even more vital during the winter months.”


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