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Just What The Doctor Ordered?

By Dr. Larry Tune

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I recommend the following tips to help keep you and your family safe:

Ask your pharmacist if you have been given the exact drug that your doctor prescribed. In Georgia , in order to avoid “switching”, your physician must hand-write “Brand necessary” on the prescription. This requires the pharmacy to check with the physician before making a change to your medication.

Your doctor knows your health, while others may not.  Talk to your doctor before allowing your insurance company or pharmacist to make a change in your medication.  Some medicines are not interchangeable. Some medicines, even in the same class often have different active ingredients and can cause severe side effects, negative reactions or even diminish the benefit of your medicine. Consulting your doctor first can help you to eliminate these health risks.

Be an advocate for you or a loved one’s health care – and preserve the physician patient relationship. Switching your medicine may be a good thing, but make sure that decision is made judiciously by you and your doctor.
Share this information with your friends and family to ensure that you are getting just what the doctor ordered.


Dr. Larry Tune is a geriatric psychiatrist at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.


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