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I Am a SNACCER: Special Needs Adult Child Caregiver

By Valerie Herskowitz, MA CCC-SLP

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And lastly, document everything you can about your child’s life. I have created some templates called LifeCare Book. These templates, once filled out, will explain everything you need to know about managing your child’s life. I send these out to anyone who asks me for them free of charge. Just leave your email address on my blog listed below. In addition, I recommend that you write a narrative all about your child. It should be a story starting with what time he or she wakes up and exactly what happens after that. Blow-by-blow, all the way until they fall asleep. You should pretend that you are explaining to someone what your child does every single day. In the story, you will want to include all the special things that you do for your child, all their reactions, every quirk or response to stimuli that you can think of. You can even include photos.

Start talking to your fellow parents of special needs children; or if you are a SNACCER, to other SNACCERS. There is comfort in knowing there are others in your position. Seek out listservs and blogs that discuss these issues. I guarantee that once you accept the situation and start preparing for the future, you will gain a better sense of control. And that feels good.



Valerie Herskowitz, MA CCC-SLP was the recipient of the Stevie Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with autistic and special needs children. She is also the mother of Blake, a 21-year-old man with autism. She is the author of two books dealing with autism. Contact information:


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