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A Balancing Act: Simple Steps to Help Seniors See the Need for Home Modifications

By Mary Becker-Omvig, MS, OTR/Lfa

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  • Secure rug edges with double-sided tape or get rid of scatter rugs.

  • Make sure you can switch on a lamp before leaving bed to illuminate the path to the bathroom.

  • If you feel unstable at night or fear falling, carry a cordless phone with you as you move about.

  • If a low bed makes it difficult to get up, consider using risers to elevate the bed.


  • Donít wear loose sleeves when cooking.

  • Use a timer when cooking or baking so you donít forget that something is cooking.

  • Consider a long handled dustpan/broom combination to reduce bending.

  • If you use a rug on the floor in front of the sink, use a rubber-backed mat.

  • If you have difficulty reading stove and oven knobs, investigate large-sized controls through vision support organizations.

  • Install cupboard door handles that are easy to grasp, such as D-type handles.

  • Store frequently used items in easy-to-reach cabinets and on countertops.

  • Increase kitchen lighting over task areas such as countertops, stove and sink.

  • Have a seated workspace available.

  • Create a safe place to rest hot food immediately as you remove it from the microwave.


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