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Helping the Mentally Ill

By Jude Roberts

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Course attendees are provided with a binder of hand-out materials, as well as useful and important resources: an advanced plan and directive for the future; a relapse prevention plan which helps to identify the feelings, thoughts, behavior or events that may be the early warning signs of an impending relapse; how to organize for an intervention; mental and emotional exercises that help keep an individual focused and thinking calmly and clearly; and coping skills for how to work with providers and the general public.

Hearts & Mind

This program concentrates on the health risks associated with mental illness. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and provide information regarding: diabetes; diet; exercise; smoking; and substance abuse. Along with basic information about addictions, recovery, stigma and treatment, they also offer information on diabetes and sleep apnea, and tips for a healthy diet, including a shopping list template, recipes, and a food diary. Type ll Diabetes has become a particular concern, since research has begun to question the link between some psychiatric medications and the disease.

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