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Hearing Loss Prevention

By Valerie Thelen, Staff Writer

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Exercise and eating healthy are as important to ear health as to heart health. A healthy lifestyle leads to increased focus and response in all areas of life, including hearing. The body functions as a whole, so nourishing it properly will reap benefits for a long time. A caregiver should encourage a loved one to be healthy in all aspects.

A caregiver must be an advocate for their loved one with hearing loss. The first step is always education. Know the signs of hearing loss, and steps to take following a diagnosis. Learn about the many technological advances that can help a loved one live a fulfilling life despite the challenges.

Many public places including hotels, churches, museums, auditoriums, theaters, etc. provide assistive technology for the hearing impaired. When itís available, make sure a loved one uses it. And if not available, explain to the staff the importance of these devices. A little planning ahead can make for a fun trip on the town and eliminate a loved oneís feeling of being left out.

By learning the best ways to communicate, a caregiver can pass along these tips to other family members and friends. Simple strategies can increase communication, lessen stress and promote an enjoyable time for all involved.

Communication is always a two-way street. Whether the loved one coping with the hearing loss or the caregiver learning how to navigate new waters, it takes both parties working together to have a successful outcome. Itís both personsí responsibility to do their best in every situation and always show respect for the otherís challenges.

The Better Hearing Institute says that one of the most loving things a caregiver can do is help their loved one come to terms with their diagnosis. This may be even harder than the actual purchase of hearing aids or assistive devices. Loss of hearing is a scary venture into uncharted waters for anyone with a recent diagnosis. A caregiver should be a constant support through the highs and lows of hearing loss. Once itís properly treated, both sides will be glad they addressed the issue, together.


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