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Nine Ways to Get Someone to Eat 

By Jennifer B. Buckley

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Put the power in their hands. When possible, give the person you are caring for the decision-making power to decide what they would like to eat; it helps them to feel in control.

Make it pretty. Present appetizing looking meals by accenting the plate with a garnish (i.e. strawberry or melon). Also, make the dining experience pleasant for the person you are caring for by playing soft music or talking to them about the dayís events while they are eating to take their minds off not feeling well.

Write it down. Keep a food diary about the person you are caring for and include: what food they have problems or complications digesting and their daily food menus, and review it with their doctor or dietician for feedback. They may be experiencing digestive problems or irritable bowl syndrome due to their menu.

Work it out. Try and get them moving to work up an appetite. If overall exercise such as walking isnít possible, have them fold the laundry or peel vegetables.

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