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Fighting Resistance From Seniors

By Peter Ganther
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Realize that they are more than likely not going to be happy about the situation, and focus on maintaining the quality of care. They may not look forward to having someone bathe them and cook for them, but you can see a difference in their care and let the senior in time grow accustom to the change.
Do not make the situation entirely about them, instead allow them to see it through your eyes to get an idea the work you put forth. Tell them the stress and workload you face and their understanding and willingness to resist you in the future may be lessened. They will look at it as an opportunity to help you in the process of them receiving the aid.
Work up to changing your loved one’s life and do not suddenly start changing everything they have grown accustomed to over the years. Alert them to any fears you may have, prepare them for any changes, and be as calm and positive as possible to reassure them it is for the best.
Plan ahead in case of a sudden decline in health or hospitalization, because it is at these moments where you may face little resistance and can alter their daily care in the manner you see appropriate.


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